Tips To Keep In Mind When Playing Blackjack

Blackjack is a game of skill. That is strong contrast to slots and other similar games based mostly on luck. This means that a player needs a good strategy. Implementing that strategy will go a long way in determining the number of wins and time the player will spend at the table. A good quality strategy is therefore of utmost importance.Working out a strategy is complicated. You need to know odds and work out the percentages each hand offers to win your bet. In a land based casino it will be seen as illegal to sit at the table with a card showing all of these factors and basing your play on that.Here are a couple of general things to keep in mind when playing blackjack.Determine your bankroll. Think of it as money you are willing to lose, money you have budgeted for on your entertainment spend. Stick to your bankroll and don’t go over the limit you set yourself.As mentioned before, blackjack is a game of skill. In order to develop your skill you’ll have to practice. As they say “practice makes perfect.” A number of online casinos offer free play. You can make use of this opportunity to practice and hone your skills. Once you are comfortable you can sign up for a real account and play for real.There are also online casinos that offer sign up and matching bonuses. You’ll need to find out what the wagering requirements are. In many online casinos blackjack only accounts for a small percentage of the casino games. Finding out the wagering requirements will help you to know how big the blackjack portion of the casino is.Each blackjack game you play has different odds. There are many variations. You’ll need to find out what the odds are so that you can play the game with the lowest house edge. It may sound simple enough, but the lower the house edge, the better your chance of winning.Each game of Blackjack has different rules and the rules also differ from casino to casino. A general rule of thumb is to play where the minimum betting limit is not more than 5% of your bankroll. In this way you will extend your time at the table and also increase the odds of winning more hands.A basic blackjack strategy is important. Cards with various combinations, odds and percentages are available. Some online casinos even offer these. It is important to memorize these and not to deviate from it. Apply it during your play. Never base your play on a feeling. Keep in mind blackjack is a game of skill, not emotion and gut feelings.The object of the game is to reach a value as close as possible to 21. Copying the dealer as a strategy is not a good option as you will find that you bust (going over 21) more than you win.Always split pairs of aces and eights. Do not split face cards or tens. Understand the rules and know when to stand or hit. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to hit until you reach 17+ and then stand.Keep a close eye on the value of the hands. This will determine your strategy.If the dealer holds 7+, play up to 17 and stand.If the dealer holds 4, 5 or 6, double your 9 and stand when you reach 13-17.If the dealer holds 9 or lower and you have 10 you should double.Double any hand of 11.Never take insurance on bets.Develop a betting pattern based on your results. Increase your bets when you win and decrease them when you lose. This will lengthen your time of play and also increase the quality of your play.Movies made counting cards look easy. It is not. Counting cards takes a great deal of practice and years to perfect. Many offers on the internet claim to have developed systems. Don’t buy into them – they are scams.Keep these tips in mind when you play and you will win more than you lose.